Robert Drake

Robert Drake

Each month on Kids Corner our @CoolAstronomer Derrick Pitts of the Franklin Institute joins us to explore the fascinating expanse that is deep space ... from stars and planets to the great unknown. Each year scientists learn more about our solar system and beyond - click through and you'll learn more too - as well as what to see in the October night sky!

Explore Deep Space!

A young beagle runs away from his owner who mistreats his dogs. Find out what happens next in this month's Kids Corner Book Club selection, chosen by Kids Corner librarian Joe Hilton.

The Kids Corner Book Club 

Girl Meets Ghost
by Lauren Barnholdt

Kinda Like Brothers
by Coe Booth

The Monster’s Ring
by Bruce Coville

by Deborah and James Howe (Series)

by Gordon Korman

The Book Of Bad Things
by Dan Poblocki

Sarah’s Unicorn
by Bruce and Katherine Coville (Easy Reader)

Aunt Eater’s Mystery Halloween
by Doug Cushman (Easy Reader)